For the activities that are carried out with Ola Diving (Nase Spain s.l.), it is necessary to reserve a place, which is not mandatory. But in this case the realisation of the activities will be subject to the availability of places. If the client wishes to guarantee the contracting of any activity, a required deposit must be paid for the reservation. 

Prices are reviewed annually, with the possibility that they may increase. For a reservation made during the year prior to the date of the activity, (Nase Spain s.l.) can claim the difference in the amount from the client, to adjust to the current rate.

For reservations made more than a month in advance, (Nase Spain s.l.) reserves the right to be able to change schedules of activities, in order to adapt them to the flow of clients at that time.

The price of the dive includes the guide service with a qualified assistant. If requested more guides or assistants to an activity will be added to the cost of the dive. It is the responsibility of the client to inform in advance of wanting to hire more guides. 

Refund is granted 48 hours prior the activities of snorkeling and fun diving, 7 days for courses. E-learning and courses materials sent to the participand are not refundable and an administration and organisation fee of 10% is applicable for any activity cancelled less than 7 days before it starts. 


All divers will be responsible for ensuring that their state of health is adequate for the practice of the type of diving in question in safe conditions. No refund will be possible if the participant can´t dive for medical reasons 48 hours prior the start of the activity. 

The Diver´s Medical Questionnaire can be found HERE. If the participant doesn´t meet the medical requirements of the Diver´s Medical Questionnaire it is necessary to have the approval of a physician to dive (the third page of the Diver´s Medical Questionnaire).

For the practice of recreational diving, including experiences of first contact, PADI Discover Scuba Diving, try dives or similar, the person in charge of the centre will require, in any case, a responsible declaration of the diver about his state of health, which will be carried out by completing the questionnaire of the annex I. When the answers to the questions in the questionnaire reveal the presence of a pre-existing condition that may affect the safety of the diver or it is known that his physical condition is not adequate, diving will not be allowed, unless the participant presenting an annual medical examination by an accredited doctor specifically saying that the participant can dive. In no case will the practice of diving be allowed under the influence of alcoholic beverages, drugs or narcotics. Diving may not be practised either when following a medical treatment that involves the consumption of medications that may affect the capacities necessary to carry out this activity in safety conditions.

If the diver does not have insurance that covers the diving activity, they can consult and contract our insurance proposals for optional health coverage that include diving. For entry levels (PADI Discover Scuba Diving and PADI Open Water Course) the insurance is included in the program.

It is the responsibility of each diver to be in possession of the diving certification corresponding to the level of the dives to be carried out. If the necessary qualification is not available or the dive guide in charge of accompanying the divers considers that for any reason a client is not qualified to carry out a dive, he will have the power to not allow the client to carry out said dive. Ola Diving (Nase Spain s.l.) does not undertake to make any deduction for this.

If the diver/participant doesn't accomplish the mandatory health, medical and insurance requirement he/she may be refused to practise the activity. Any refund in this case will be allowed only 48 hours prior to the activity.

Flights: divers should not take a flight 12 hours after one single dive in the day and 18 hours after repetitive dives.


The contracted diving services include the belt, the weights and the 12 or 15 litre air tank. The rest of the diving equipment is not included in the price. In case you want to rent it totally or partially, it is recommended to reserve it prior to arrival in order to guarantee its availability. It is the responsibility of the diver who rents the material to return it to the centre in the same conditions as it was delivered. In case of loss or irreparable damage, Ola Diving (Nase Spain s.l.) can claim the price of the cost of said material from the client who rented it. In Spain, DSMB, knife and dive computer are obligatory for certified divers, these items are provided by the diving centre only for rent, not for free, every certified diver must know the local rules and respect them, Ola Diving Tenerife (Nase Spain s.l.) is not responsible for the non accomplishment of the local norms by certified divers.


The trips are subjected to changes by decision of the guide or boat captain regarding the weather conditions, safety or logistics. Also the length of the trip may be shortened or extended and the participants may be subject to this premise. All the participants on a trip must wait for all the other participants to finish their activities on the trip, the trip may not be interrupted or shortened in case of a participant booked only one dive or needing to get back from the trip earlier for personal reasons. The trip may be interrupted or shortened only for safety or serious health reasons. The diving and snorkelling trips starts at the diving centre office and finishes at the diving centre office. All payment and paperwork must be done prior to engaging the trip.


All contracted services (dives and courses) and prices of Ola Diving (Nase Spain s.l.) contemplate a radius of action that will be delimited by the area between the diving centre office and Alcala, and the diving centre office and Tabaiba/Radazur. Outside this radius of action an extra will be charged for travel and/or fees, which will be communicated at the time of making the activity request. Transfers from hotel to diving centre are free of charge in the area in between the diving centre office and La Caleta, and the diving centre office to Los Cristianos, outside of this radius an extra will be charged for travel and/or fees.


A special price is established in the rate, for Groups and Diving Clubs, from 10 divers. Thus, offering a gratuity for the organiser of the trip or president of the club, with a minimum of 11 divers. For these reservations. Ola Diving (Nase Spain s.l.) is not responsible if, once at the destination, a diver decides not to do the contracted dives, for reasons unrelated to the Diving Centre. Thus, the obligatory payment of all contracted dives.

Any change or cancellation must be sent in writing and confirmed by  Ola Diving (Nase Spain s.l.).

Cancellation costs will be applied depending on the date and conditions in which the cancellation is made in relation to the reservation:

The entire amount paid will be refunded less 10% for management expenses, in case of cancellation of the activity by the diver, provided that said cancellation is made 15 days before the date of the activity. Less than 15 days, the client will have to pay the total cost of the activity.


In cases where diving courses are contracted and cannot be carried out for reasons beyond the company's control, the amount of the dives cannot be changed. In the cases of the previous hypothesis, if the theoretical part of the course in question has already been purchased and/or allocated, it cannot be exchanged or refunded, nor exchanged for dives.

Any changes or cancellations must be sent in writing and confirmed by Ola Diving (Nase Spain s.l.).

A cancellation fee will be applied depending on the date and conditions under which the cancellation is made in relation to the booking:

- All money paid for the service contracted with Ola Diving (Nase Spain s.l.) will be returned in the event of cancellation of the activity by the dive centre, regardless of the reason for the cancellation, except in the case of adverse weather conditions or danger to human life, in which case 70% of the value of the activity in question will be refunded.

- The total amount paid will be refunded, less a 10% administration fee, in the event of cancellation of the activity by the diver, once the cancellation is made up to 15 days before the activity. For 5 days before, 50% will be returned. Within less than 48 hours, the client will have to pay the total cost of the cancelled activity, once the company has to bear the expenses of the programmed activity and the reserved seats.

- In case of a medical problem, 75% of the money paid by the person with the said medical problem will be refunded, provided that a medical certificate is presented establishing his/her temporary/total incapacity to dive. If a medical certificate is not presented, the money will not be refunded.

- If services have been contracted with third parties and the contracted activity cannot be performed by the client, there will be no right to compensation.

Once the client boards the boat, the money will not be returned if the contracted activity (dive, course, snorkelling or charter) is not carried out for reasons beyond the control of Ola Diving (Nase Spain s.l.), such as: seasickness, dizziness, compensation problems, cold problems, problems with the diver's own equipment, the diver's own problems or other problems unrelated to the company.

Making the payment implies acceptance of the previously established conditions.


All the used material has to be returned in the same state from the moment it was taken. In case of damage or non return of the material the client will be responsible to pay the cost for repairing or replacement of that material. It is important to follow the local diving reglementation, follow the instructions of your guide. The dive site can be changed by the final decision of the guide. The beginning and the end of the trip might be placed at the diving centre. The client must rinse the used gear in freshwater and take care of it during the entire trip.


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