Snorkeling in Tenerife

Do you want to experience a new incredible sensation?  Feeland see the magnificent underwater world with your own eyes? If the answer is YES, you need to sign up for a snorkeling trip with us!

This activity is for the whole family and is great:

• For those who are afraid to go too deep into the water

• It requires minimal equipment than scuba divingand is also much less expensive.

​• Minimum effort, maximum fun !

​• Allows anyone to have fun quickly and at no risk. There’s no need for hours of training before giving it a try

To book a snorkeling trip with us in Tenerife, there are no age restrictions. This excursion is suitable for both children and adults who can swim.

We organize safe snorkeling trip at attractive prices for the various diving, which already includes all the necessary equipment, insurance and support of professional instructors throughout the journey.

We will provide you all the necessary snorkeling kit (wetsuit according to your size, mask, snorkel and fins) and a briefing with all the explanations so you can use the equipment safely and properly.

Looking for safe and fun snorkeling in Tenerife? Contact us right now!

2 hours snorkeling
by boat - 40€ 
-10% Online reservation
With full equipment

* The excursion lasts about 3 hours in total and we propose 3 daily departures at 9am, 11-30am or 14-30pm.
* The price is € 40 per person and includes equipment, professional supervision and insurance

Once equipped with everything you need to snorkel like true professionals (wetsuit, mask, tube and fins), you will receive prior recommendations from the instructors and then we will go to the area where we will dive: Palmar wall. If the weather conditions were not optimal there, we would move to another area called El Puertito, a place that has nothing to envy El Palmar. Both places offer a unique environment to snorkel and while we go there, you will enjoy a ride on the semi rigid boat for about 15 or 20 minutes, where you can admire the beautiful views of the southern coasts of the island.

Once there, the instructor (s) will give you a series of basic notions and tips, so that the experience is as fun and safe as possible. You will carry out snorkeling activities on your own, always under the supervision of an instructor or boat skipper who will monitor you from the boat. On board, we have vests at your disposal for those who need more buoyancy in the water.

Snorkeling in this part of the Tenerife coastline will allow you to contemplate various marine species such as turtles or parrot and trumpet fish, as well as other indigenous specimens of the Canary Islands. The large number of exotic and endemic species in the Canary Islands, as well as an amazing underwater landscape and the quality of the water, make these places one of the best places to practice snorkeling with the family.

Remember that it is about seeing the animals and fish in their natural habitat and that this is not like going to the zoo where the animals are locked up and available 24 hours a day, we cannot guarantee 100% the presence of the turtles at the time or day we do the excursion. We also remind you that we must respect them, and we must not feed or touch them, much less try to catch them, we must respect their space and we will only enjoy as observers.

*We recommend you to bring a bottle of water.
*No type of medical examination is necessary, but if you have questions about your medical condition or want to notify them of any particular ailment, do not hesitate to talk to the instructors (asthma, allergy, pregnancy ...).