OLA Tenerife Diving Center is the only one in Tenerife with two boats located in different ports. That give us the advantage:

  1. Depending on the state of the ocean, we can dive where weather conditions are better.
  2. We can go to many different dive sites in the south of the island, including shore dives as we have a minibus and a pickup truck.
  3. We can fit up to 12 people in the boat, so if you are coming with your family and they do not dive, they can still join the trip and snorkel with the turtles.                                        
  4. Especially for non-divers, one of our boats is equipped with toilet, roof and a wheelhouse that protects against water and wind.
  5. We understand that experienced divers cannot go together in the same group as beginners, so we normally make separated groups so everyone can have the best experience.