Tenerife is the Atlanticа – a place where various underwater creatures live: huge stingrays, sharks, turtles.

Apart from the sea creatures, you can enjoy the peculiar underwater views. The island of volcanic origin, lava frozen under water in all sort of wonderful shapes and colours – from the darkest shades to the brightest white.

There are three wrecks for recreational wreck diving.

For the holders of Cavern Diving certificates, there are several caves. The most interesting one is Abama Cave. The entrance to the cave is from the oceans’ side, maximum 8-12 meters. Cavern dives are available.

Near Tenerife, there are more than thirty very interesting places for diving. Most of the dive sites are located on the south-west coast of the island. Weather conditions here allow diving all year round! The temperature of the water in the ocean on the south coast is higher and the waves are much smaller. While diving on Tenerife you can enjoy not only the beautiful underwater landscapes and a diversity of fish and plants, but also try to find the treasure of the old sunken wrecks.

Apart from the local dive sites, we offer you dive tours to the neighbour islands: La Gomera, and to the most interesting island for divers on Canary Islands – El Hierro. If you go to El Hierro it is worth going there for three-four days to have enough time for both diving and exploring the island.