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We offer the largest selection of diving spots, from land and from boat!

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Experienced instructors who speak your language!
The only diving boat equipped with a toilet in all of Tenerife!
(Yes, really.)

NITROX – Enriched Air

Try this compressed air alternative, designed to help you dive longer and avoid exhaustion!

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Diving Vacations in Tenerife

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Our Diving Center's mission is to provide our guests with the highest quality service and make their time with us the best moments of their holiday in Tenerife.

Our team is multicultural to cater to all nationalities visiting Tenerife. It’s composed of professional instructors experienced in their specialties, as well as support staff to streamline our clients' experience. Our Diving Center also serves as a school for future Instructors undergoing professional diving experience.

Ola Diving Center is the best-prepared facility on Tenerife, ready to serve divers at all levels of expertise. We have exceptional equipment and technical facilities. With three diving boats in three different ports on Tenerife, we can offer access to the widest range of interesting diving spots on the island. Only our Diving Center has a boat with a toilet on board, improving the comfort of our diving expeditions.

We offer NITROX as the primary breathing gas and have our own gas blending station for technical divers.

We teach diving under the PADI diving organization system. Training begins with e-learning, which students complete in their own time. Practical diving sessions are conducted in pools, from the shore, and aboard our boats. We regularly offer training for professional diving levels and internships to gain experience.

We have three locations on Tenerife and a Diving Center on Fuerteventura.

Our company has sections dedicated to additional sports and tourist activities such as: kayaking excursions, Stand Up Paddling, boat trips, Boat Driving Teaching, and more.


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