Techical Diving - Interesting courses for advanced divers

Technical diving is different from recreational diving in no-decompression time and depth. It is a more complex and technical form of diving that requires more extensive training, special equipment, and meticulous planning in order to enjoy it with absolute safety. In technical diving we can breathe different types of gases such as Helium or richer O2 mixtures such as Trimix.

Another great advantage of technical diving is being able to enjoy large sunken ships regardless of depth, or penetrate shipwrecks after undergoing special training. Technical diving is ideal for exploring wonderful cave systems scattered around the world. In the end, with technical diving a great variety of branches opens up and we expand our limits, skills and applicable knowledge.

At Ola diving, our experienced team of instructors offer certified technical divers the opportunity to explore the deepest parts of the incredible dives that Tenerife's volcanic coastline offers.Due to the volcanic topography, we can reach depths where you will find black coral, gorgonians and marine life that will leave you amazed.For beginners who want to train in technical diving, we will teach them the knowledge, techniques and procedures established to dive with complex equipment, in different conditions, without compromising safety.We guarantee that you will receive the knowledge and techniques necessary to become a qualified technical diver.

Dive technical mode max depth 50 m 50 €
Group of 3 or more divers max.depth 50 m 45 €
Dive Technical mode deeper than 50 m (max.100 m) 70 €
Group of 3 or more divers deeper than 50 m (max.100 m) 60 €
More than 3  days (1  dive per day ) max. depth 50 m 45 €
More than 3  days (1  dive per day ) deeper than 50 m (max.100 m) 60 €

*Price of guide gases is not included