Diving Tenerife with Ola Diving Center

With us you can dive for the first time, use your license, take another course or practice Tenerife diving in the most picturesque places.

At Ola Diving Center we make you discover the most interesting dive sites in Tenerife, both from the boat and from the shore, under the supervision of our multilingual team of instructors. We speak: English, Russian, Italian, French, Latvian, Czech, Slovak, German, Portuguese and Spanish!

Our ultimate generation diving school is located a few meters from the beach and the most tourist port of Tenerife and is equipped with the best diving equipment to the highest standards to
guarantee the safety and enjoyment of our customers. OLA Tenerife Diving Club is an accredited PADI 5* dive center in Tenerife, and this indicates the highest level of relations with our guests.

Day by day we make the dreams of ocean lovers come true. Come and have fun diving with the best diving Tenerife!
We organize recreational or technical dives in private sessions or in small groups by level of experience to guarantee maximum diving Tenerife fun for each client.Our diving center is the only one in Tenerife that has two boats (one of them with toilets) in two of the most touristic ports in the south of the island and a van equipped for diving from the coast. This offers many advantages diving Tenerife: we can go out where the weather conditions are more favorable, it doubles the number of dive sites we can offer, we can take up to 12 people on each of our boats.

Recreational Diving in Tenerife

Technical diving in Tenerife

Technical diving for those who crave thrills, requires different training with specific equipment, more planning, sometimes using cylinders with different gas combinations of air. Some incomparable sensations can only be felt at great depths, more than 40 meters or in a more particular environment such as inside a cave or a wreck.Best scuba diving tenerife scuba diving las Americas.

Technical Diving in Tenerife

Diving for beginners

For those who are curious to discover this new feeling at their own pace before starting a PADI Open Water course, the try-dive is an easy activity open to all, and a good way to find out if you feel comfortable underwater. No previous experience is required and you will learn the basic techniques without having to be a good swimmer. You will discover the underwater world supervised by an instructor. Best  diving tenerife  south Tenerife.Ola Diving offers programs where your instructor will assist you to progress according to your needs. If you still want more after your incredible first experience, we can offer you do another consecutive dive in a different site.

Diving for beginners in Tenerife


When to go on holiday diving Tenerife

Spending a vacation in wonderful Tenerife will be a great option if you are looking for a place where you can enjoy the  sun and your favorite hobby diving Tenerife.
Tenerife has direct flights that connect the archipelago with more than 140 destinations across Europe.

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The "busiest" months of the  more comfortably. year are July and August. Hotels and airline tickets are priced much higher and are usually sold-out months in advance.But if you are looking for the cheapest to book, the cheapest and most relaxed times are usually always outside the school holidays, such as in September/October or May/June with a gradual decrease or increase in temperatures, the winter or spring seasons are times quiet without so many people and you can enjoy the islands and diving Tenerife.

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If we talk about diving Tenerife, there is no strict diving season in the Canary Islands. You can dive all year round. At Ola Diving we offer you diving activities, courses to get your license and snorkeling for children and adults, both beginners orexperienced, recreational diving Tenerife and technical diving also. If you don't want to go diving, try snorkeling!

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We are forward to see you!!

Surprising facts in the Canary Islands

Due to their subtropical climate and sandy beaches, the islands of this Spanish archipelago are sometimes named the "islands of happiness". You will be able to see all the beauty of the underwater landscapes which can satisfy the wishes of all types of divers and travelers.

A large number of moray eels, groupers, rays, lobsters and eels can be found in these waters. Closer to the sandy bottom, sea bream and bleak are observed, and have even become a refuge for angel sharks in the winter season. There is a good chance that you will swim with green sea turtles and it is not unusual to come across with curious dolphins! For example while diving in the south of Tenerife.

Visibility is generally greater than 30 meters and the water temperature never drops below 17-18º between January and March but fluctuates between 21º and 24º the rest of the year which makes it easy to enjoy a diversity organic unique in the world.

Dive site name Depth Season and water temperature Conditions (currents, depth, visibility) Suitable for whom
Palma island Las Canteras beach 10 m Year-round season air temperature from +20 to +22 This beach is protected by a reef from bottom waves. The current is weak. for children and beginners
Paradise Beach 19 m Year-round season air temperature from +20 to +22 Moderate current, visibility from 15 to 20 meters, depending on the season. Diving from the shore/ from a boat for children and beginners
La Herradura from 8m to 35m Year-round season air temperature from +19 to +22 Visibility is 25m. Diving from a boat experienced and beginners
El Bajon From 80 m Year-round season air temperature from +16 to +27 Strong current. Visibility is 30 meters. Diving from a boat experienced diving enthusiasts
Devil's Cave 17 m Year-round season air temperature from +18 to +26 Moderate course. Diving from a boat. Visibility 21 m beginners
El Hierro From 50 m Year-round season Constant average air temperature does not fall below +25 degrees The water temperature rarely drops below +20 degrees. Strong currents. Diving from a boat. Visibility from 50 m experienced diving enthusiasts