Snorkeling Tenerife

Tenerife is the largest and the most touristic of the Canary Islands. It is, in part due to the excellent climate, its popular beaches and its warm and crystal-clear waters and its spectacular landscapes of virgin nature with wild vegetation, wild landscapes and hidden villages where time seems to have stopped. The imposing El Teide,Snorkelling Adeje, the highest peak in Spain, with a height of 3718 meters, can be seen from almost the entire island. And of course, there is always that magical blue sea. The transparent waters invite you to snorkel!

What is snorkeling?

Snorkelling or snorkeling is a good and easy alternative to scuba diving that anyone can learn very quickly. Practitioners swim near the surface of the water using a mask, snorkel, and fins. They enjoy a panoramic view from above and do not dive deep into the water. If you wear a full-face snorkel mask, you can breathe through both your nose and mouth.

Equipment Recommendations:

• The longer the tube, the more likely it is to keep water out and the more comfortable it is.

• The shorter or wider the tube, the easier it will be to breathe.

• The tube must be on the left side

• The nozzle must not be defective.

Also make sure that, if it is rental equipment, it is properly rinsed, sanitized after each user, and treated against bacteria.

Where can you snorkel in Tenerife?

In fact, you can snorkel almost everywhere in Tenerife. The water is warm, clear and generally calm. However, there are always fantastic places to live the best experience. Here are three examples of places where you can snorkel safely.

 The first is in the south of the island: Montaña Amarilla. Here you can see many fish and, if you are lucky, a green turtle. It is actually a coastal hill formed by yellow volcanic ash and erosion that has carved the land. Underwater beauty is on display. Thanks to the beautiful volcanic reefs, the underwater landscape is beautiful. This is something not to be missed in Tenerife!

Los Gigantes– Alcala

If you really want to see turtles, head to Los Gigantes, near the town of Alcalá. The beach is located in the west of Tenerife. In addition to the rocks and the sandy bottom, here you have a good chance of seeing green turtles. The small beach is about 100 meters from the village, and it is usually very quiet here. Also next to the big rocks is the Bahía de Masca, recommended by the locals.

Finally, there is another great place: Punta de Teno. It is a beautiful area! It is a bit remote so bringing your own food and drinks is highly recommended. This is a small beach with a lighthouse. However, Punta de Teno is considered one of the most charming in Tenerife. This makes it especially interesting for diving! In addition to turtles and many fish, you have the opportunity to see other types of animals all over the island. For example, think of sea snails, urchins, and stars. But you may also get to see rays and octopuses.