DAN - Divers Alert Network

“DAN dive accident insurance is a smart, affordable way to cover the unexpected medical expenses resulting from a covered dive injury or accident.”

DAN- is a diver support network that operates around the world.   

DAN is an international non-profit organization that helps divers who find themselves in difficulty. The organization is also engaged in scientific research, the purpose of which is to ensure the safety of divers during diving.

DAN traces its history back to 1980. It was founded by reputable scientists and professors from universities in Italy and the USA, who joined forces to create a program aimed at obtaining specialized knowledge about diving emergencies. This was necessary because such specific knowledge was not part of the standard curriculum of conventional medical educational institutions.
DAN's main objective today is the creation and operation of an international network of emergency centers operating 24 hours a day, which guarantee the provision of quality specialized emergency assistance to any diver anywhere in the world.  DAN also offers medical consulting in the field of diving, organizes permanent studies on diving safety, courses, training courses and seminars to improve the level of theoretical knowledge and personal responsibility of recreational and professional divers alike, and financially and technically supports medical centers with hyperbaric chambers in developing countries.
DAN conducts its activities in the field of increasing diving safety in areas such as diving physiology, diving classes and diving headaches, hypothermia in diving. Much attention is paid to the detection of microbubbles and the analysis of their movement through the body, problems during rapid ascent, and the elucidation of the causes of "unexplained" diving accidents. Studies are carried out in the field of diving disabilities, risk of decompression sickness (DCS) in congenital heart disease, the influence of asthma and diabetes, haematological changes in diving, as well as the pathophysiology of diving disorders in rebreather diving. DAN also draws attention to the cases and consequences of diving stress.
The DAN Europe Claudius Obermaier Fund also operates under the patronage of DAN. It provides support to divers and their families who have been left in distress by a diving accident.
Tenerife is the area of responsibility of DAN Europe, which is registered in Malta. In addition to Canary islands, this DAN office works with Europe, North Africa and the Middle East. DAN Europe provides 24-hour medical assistance in case of a diving emergency, organizes medical transportation, advises on various medical issues, coordinates the provision of diving chamber services, and assists divers in various travel-related situations. A special insurance coverage has been developed for DAN Europe members, with policies valid in Canary islands. The insurance works without problems if you clearly follow the rules of safety in diving.
Insurance is a guarantee that in case of an accident you will be provided with qualified assistance. And you shouldn't neglect the benefits you get with this kind of assurance of your peace of mind and comfort.