Air tank fill up service and tank rental

For partner business prices

Filling your own tanks:
10 litres 2.25 euros air, 6 euros 32% nitrox
12 litres 2.50 euros air, 7 euros 32% nitrox
15 litres 2.75 euros air, 8 euros 32% nitrox

Renting our tanks (per day):
10 litres 5 euros air, 9 euros 32% nitrox
12 litres 5 euros air, 10 euros 32% nitrox
15 litres 7 euros air, 12 euros 32% nitrox

Gear Rental

For partner business prices

Basic gear (per day):
Full set (BCD, regulator, fins, boots, suit and mask) 15 euros
BCD 5 euros
Regulator 5 euros
Fins 3 euros
Boots 3 euros
Suit 5 euros

Extra gear (per day):
DSMB 4 euros
Computer 9 euros
Compass 7 euros
Torches 7 euros

Weights (per day):
1 kg piece -,50 euros
2 kg piece 1 euro
Belt 1 euro

Service hours 

We may be open everyday from 09:00 to 17:00 (GMT). If you want to schedule an appointment outside office hours, please contact us via WhatsApp +34 722722523 or email

We may fill up the tanks also during the opening hours, if the tanks are dropped in the last hour of the day and the tanks are needed for the first hours of the morning in the next day extra ours may be charged according to the time required for the tanks to be filled (one hour for eight tanks, fi extra euros per hour).