With a limitless curiosity and a gift to quickly learn new things, kids are the best apprentices divers. They can begin at the age of 8 y.o. They will learn important lessons like how to take care of their equipment and their friends, and especially learn about the marine life and how to interact passively with the underwater world.

At Ola Diving, we offer programs for the whole family:

* A good way to determine if your child is ready for diving courses is to register first in a PADI BUBBLEMAKER program that is made especially for children from 8 years old, and gives them the possibility of try diving in a swimming pool or in open water (in similar condition as a pool like a bay) at a minimal depth and under the direct supervision of a diving professional, to help them feel comfortable in the water and be familiarize with diving.

* Teenagers from 10 to 15 years old, can become totally certified divers with the JUNIOR OPEN WATER DIVER course that is like the adult diver certification program, but with smaller teachers / students ratios and more conservative depth limit.

At the end of the course, they will have the skills and knowledge to dive at home or abroad and will be an underwater ambassador.

After receiving a Junior Water Diver Certification, they can continue their training and explore other challenges by registering for JUNIOR ADVANCED DIVER or JUNIOR RESCUE courses or any of PADI's many specialties courses.

 All diving activities follow secure diving practices with even more conservative measures taken when children or adolescents are involved. There is NO need for previous experience.