Cost of diving in Tenerife

Diving for certified divers

The price includes: a dive guide, scuba tanks, weights and transport. Boat included in the price of diving.

                                                                                                                            Per day €

1-3 days (2 dives per day)65
4-5 days (2 dives a day)60
6 or more days (2 dives per day)55
1-3 days (3 dives per day)90
4 or more days (3 dives a day)85
1 dive per day35



Extra options

                                                                                                                    Price € per person.

Individual guide (one day 2 dives)50
Night dive from the shore (torch and equipment is included)70
Extra person (passenger) in the boat (children under 12 years free of charge)10
Diving on the Northern Sites of the Island
(minimum 3 people)
Snorkeling tour (mask, snorkel and fins included)
(minimum 4 people)



Diving for beginners

The cost of diving for beginners include equipment rental

                                                                                                                               Cost, €

Discover Scuba Diving Program (2 dives)90
1 trial dive from Discover Scuba Diving60
Rental of equipment

                                                                                                                                                        Cost, €

Complete set per day15 Mask (for 1 dive)5
Complete set 1 dive10Torch (for 1 dive)5
Regulator (for 1 dive)5Computer (for 1 dive)10
BCD (for 1 dive)5Nitrox 32% 12L10
Wetsuit (for 1 dive)5Scuba tank 15L5
 Fins(for 1 dive)5 Snorkelling kit 5
Boots (for 1 dive)5Rental of equipment 5 days or more10/day